Professional photos courtesy of Robbie Barkman

Jeff Cooper Legacy Foundation Tribute to 100 years of Jeff Cooper, and the year he started American. This pistol was built with the foundations direct involvement and featured the Warrior PVD copper tone coating.

Freddie Blish's rifle

Top serrations

Hand cut Checkering

Custom cut slide that feels like shark skin. Smooth one direction and bites the other. Completely coated with NP3


Colt Anaconda

Flush cut and recessed crown

Stippling with boarder

Custom made Colt Anaconda Rails


Custom Hi Power

Officers 9mm for with the help of our good friends at Gritus Precision

November 2014 issue

Vias muzzle brake

Customized Single Action


Custom 870

Precision Hunter

Custom 1911 build

Custom Colt 1911

M1 Garand scout


Custom Remington 700


Test firing

Browning Hi Power, including customized safeties, beavertail added, Novak sights, Garthwaite trigger, Cylinder & Slide hammer, sear and magwell, with stippled slide and frame. Nickle on the frame and all else Armorlube.