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Marty Enloe


My story

My passion for all things firearms related began by enjoying shooting sports at a young age. By my teen years I had begun customizing firearms and sought out gunsmithing training at Lassen Community College. I went to work for Robar Companies Inc. in 2003. Robbie Barkman personally trained me in his method for building precision rifles. Over the years I became the go to guy for unique projects and the man to see to ensure quality and dependability. In 2006 I was given the title of Head Gunsmith and I have now been a gunsmith for 19 years. Not only have I been able to take advantage of ongoing training from leading professionals in the industry, I have also been given the opportunity to train other personnel on how to build custom rifles and pistols. 

My skills

Certifications by Lassen Community College

  • Firearms Repair

  • Gunsmith Machinist

  • Bolt Action Barrel Fitter

  • Trigger Smith

  • Shotgunsmith

  • Safety Fitter

  • NRA Basic Corrections Armorer

  • NRA DFR Locked Breach Semi-Auto Pistols


Certifications earned while at Robar

  • Colt Ar-15/M16 Armorer

  • Glock Armorer

  • 10-8 Performance 1911

  • POF Armorer

Industry Professionals that directly trained me

  • Bill Laughridge, Cylinder & Slide 

  • Phil Arrington, Arrington Accuracy Works

  • Ted Yost, Estate Sporting Customs

My work

Publications that have featured my work include

  • American Handgunner (5 articles)

  • Guns Magazine (4 articles)

  • Swat Magazine (4 articles)

  • Gun Digest

  • American Rifleman

  • Predator Extreme Magazine

  • Recoil


I have been trained in the use of small arms and hand to hand combat

  • Gunsite 250 Pistol Course 

  • Precsion Rifle

  • Tactical Shotgun

  • M4 Carbines and Dot Optics with Freddie Blish

  • Nearly 20 years of ​martial arts training with the organization Shaolin Arts, of which I hold the rank of Sifu.
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